To meet the international market growing demand, Earthens has integrated its know how and infrastructure to produce bioplates made from areca palm sheaths with the highest level of sanitary standards. We put fair trade and sustainability at the core of everything we do. Our factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices we can get. Quality is the most important founding pillar for Earthens foodware. To conform international quality & standards, we have developed our facility where highest quality palm sheaths are available in abundant.

Our Facility

We are located 40 miles away from Bengaluru snuggle into serene countryside. The production process of the bioplates doesn’t require heavy infrastructure. Besides a well-maintained shop floor; a Precision Room, a Grinding Room, a Craft Room, a Leaf Bank, a Washing Section, a Boxing & Labeling Room makes Earthens a truly organized facility.

Our leaf bank

The High Quality long palm sheaths that naturally shreds 5 to 8 times yearly from each tree are collected, sorted and stored by quality during the dry season (January to April). For an uninterrupted production round the year, our warehouse has a capacity to store 2 million sheaths at a time.