From Nature & Back to Nature
Earthens Dinnerware

Each and every day we are inspired by our name Earthens which means,"made of earth". At Earthens, being inspired means doing what we do best- producing foodware that's biodegradable, durable, compostable, stylish and stands out for its natural look and feel. We stay true to the earth by using an agricultural by product - fallen palm leaves - that we borrow (and frequently save from being burned) and then return to the earth. The genesis of Earthens is from the earth. Earthens products are completely compostable & biodegradable ; thereby giving valuable nutrients back to earth and also meeting the criteria for environmental sustainability.




We Care

These days in parties we are normally using plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic- tablecovers, plastic party bags etc and after the party, the whole lot is thrown in the bin. It stays there for years and ends up in the sea, clogging up the ocean and causing havoc with our animals. We want our future generations to experience the same pure, natural and organic things which are absolutely chemical free. The true beauty of Earthens leaf based dinnerware is that you can compost them either in home compost or in municipal composting facilities. If you don't have home compost but have a garden or back yard, you could just break the plates up and bury them. If none of these options are available to you, just dispose them with your regular garbage and the foodware - will naturally biodegrade in 6-8 weeks. This process uses 90% less energy than recycling.




To be an ethical, conventional yet innovative global leader by providing 100% natural disposable dinnerware made from the sheaths of areca palm tree.


To bring awareness in the global market by creating a universal sustainable business process, which inspires, promotes and supports "GO GREEN".